due to act of supporters (Akibat ulah fans bola)

maybe here I want to tell you a little about the act of supporters who commit acts of brutality. This may be a familiar event in Indonesia, because Indonesia is the fans often anarchic action. The reason that there may be a sense of pride from both parties who are often violent supporters. But what if the brutality is happening in Europe? obvious news will be a scene in the world. because Europe is famous for its football prowess ball. ball fan and probably still remember the Juventus fans riot by Liverpool fans, and supporters of Rome with manchester united. but what the loss of the riot between supporters?

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causes losses in the act of supporters very much. and usually loss was a lot of impact to the team or the country that her supporters do act. one of the riots that recently occurred is rusuhnya serbian fans. And they caused serbian state may be disqualified from the event european trophy.

other than that losses are overwritten many more.
First, team or country can didisukualifikasi supporters rioted.
second, the losses suffered by the stadium
Third, can result in loss of human life.
fourth, fans can many enemies
fifth, fans can get a severe sanctions

therefore we recommend to fans not to do anarchists, because pity the team or country that you support. and spare your lives and to spare the lives of others.

now if the story of my so first.

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