Technology Predictions for the future

I want to give some predictions about the development of technology in the world. For the next few years. and this is the prediction, and I hope you are satisfied.

1. For 10 years, we can see the increased speed internet computer network
home of 20-fold.

2. At the present time, a worldwide network of more than 9 menstranfer exabite data per month,
whereas in 2013, the wireless network traffic will reach 400 petabite per month.

3. In late 2010, will be a billion transistors per person, each transistor
having a tenth the price of million pennies.

4. Internet will evolve into a means of communication that instance, no matter the distance.

5. In mid 2020, will be available the first commercial quantum computer.

6. In 2020, the computer cost $ 1000 will have a capacity equivalent to the brain
manusia.10. For the current time we can find 5% of what we can know the next 50 years.
This means that in 50 years, 95% of what we know will be found ditahun previous years.

7. The world's data will increase 6-fold in the next two years, while corporate data
will increase 50-fold.

8. By 2015, Google will mengidex about 775 billion pages of content.

9. By 2015, we will create the equivalent of 92.5 million Libraries of
U.S. Congress in setahun.15. By 2015, downloading movies and file sharing peer-to-peer will soar to 100 exabytes,
was equivalent to 5 million U.S. Libraries of Congress.

10. By 2015, the video communication will be much more widespread, resulting in 400 exabytes of data traffic or
equivalent to 20 million Libraries of Congress.

11. By 2015, traffic generated by the telephone, web, email, photos and music will explode, and
reach 50 exabytes.

12. Within 2 years, information on the Internet will double every 11 hours.

13. In 2010, 35 billion devices will connect to the internet (nearly six devices per person
in the world).

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